Watersuab subsurface irrigation device

Watersuab is the best method of subsurface irrigation

Solving the country's water shortage problem

with Watersuab subsurface irrigation system

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Reduce water consumption

No congestion

Watersuab does not clog in any way

?Why does the watersuab never clog

The main problem of subsurface irrigation methods is clogging under the soil, which we solved completely

Due to the large nozzle of the Watersuab devices, these devices do not clog even with water

with Watersuab subsurface irrigation system

reduction in costs

with Watersuab subsurface irrigation system

?Reduce your expenses by using a water bath

Purchase: no need to use filtration and acid cleaning equipment, use of pipes and connections with low pressure tolerance, use of a pump with a low limit and in some cases no need to use a pump

Implementation: Due to the lack of need for the mentioned equipment, the implementation costs of the watersuab system are also reduced

Repair and maintenance: the reduction of costs in this sector occurs in three parts: first, in the elimination of labor costs and maintenance of filtration equipment and in some cases, pumping, second, in the reduction of labor costs related to the monitoring and repair of the network due to the lack of clogging and durability Above the watersuab devices

Very easy to install

Very easy to install

Watersuab subsurface irrigation devices have a very simple installation, so there is no need for an installer to install Watersuab devices

راهنمای نصب واترسوآب
راهنمای نصب واترسوآب

No need for a water pump

The watersuab subsurface irrigation device does not need a pressurized system

پمپ آب کشاورزی - واترسوآب

Can be used in gravity systems

Due to the non-use of watersuab subsurface irrigation system dropper and the use of a mechanical flow regulating valve, there is no need for high pressure for irrigation with Watersuab subsurface irrigation system, so it is possible to use Watersuab irrigation devices with both water tank models (tank height from The ground level should be such that the pressure behind the farthest device from the tank is 2 meters) and the pump is ready

Reduce electricity consumption

!!Watersuab subsurface irrigation system does not need electricity

Why does water bath reduce electricity consumption

with Watersuab subsurface irrigation system

Considering that there is no need for high pressure in the watersuab irrigation system, pumps with a lower limit and less consumption can be used, and even in some cases there is no need to re-pump the water coming out of the well

In the watersuab subsurface irrigation system, a water source at a suitable height can be used instead of a pump

With anti-root filter

Watersuab's root-repellent Nano Shield

?What is Nano Shield Root Avoidance

The watersuak subsurface irrigation device has a nano filter in its output nozzle, which prevents about 90% of the roots from entering the device by creating a bitter environment, and the very weak amount of the roots that enter the device is also very little and the roots are weakened. which does not cause any disruption in the irrigation process, it is recommended to replace the filter every six years by moving the device to a place near the shade

The ability to view the operation of the device

Watersuab subsurface irrigation system does not need electricity

Why does water bath reduce electricity consumption

با سیستم آبیاری زیرسطحی واترسوآب

The watersoab subsurface irrigation device has an indicator at the highest point of the device, which can be used to ensure the correct operation of the device, and there is no need to dig the soil and observe the moisture.

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