End of drip irrigation with subsurface irrigation


Subsurface irrigation The only solution to the water crisis in Iran

Advantages of watersuab over other subsurface irrigation systems
Can be used in systems under pressure and gravity (required pressure behind the device between 0.2 bar and 3 bar)

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MRWS - Subsurface irrigation system

ISS - Subsurface irrigation system

WF1 - Subsurface irrigation system

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لوگو واترسوآب
Maytham Hamzah Ali
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If you are looking for a solution to solve the water problem, especially for irrigation of your agriculture, you will have no choice but to use Watersoab. Subsurface irrigation of Water Swab, having patents and foreign patents inside Iran and winning two rounds of the Maidon Innovation Program, has attracted the opinion of many experts and has been implemented in more than 200 large projects in Iran for more than 5 years. Is. He has passed his tests.